Revive Rx Recover: What, Why and When?

What is Revive-Rx Recover?

(And the real question: Will it make me sexier?)   Our unique Recover formula combines a carbohydrate blend of maltodextrin, dextrose and fructose with naturally-sourced whey protein isolate and essential amino acid L-glutamine. The Revive-Rx team has spent years collecting data on the ideal ratio of carbohydrate to protein to maximize the benefits of a recovery supplement for the informed athlete. What our team discovered is that a 2-1 ratio meets the needs of both male and female athletes who train hard, require fast recovery and expect noticeable results. At Revive-Rx, we are thoughtful and intentional in how we formulate our products. We use the highest quality ingredients and include only what you need.  

Why is Revive-Rx Recover right for me?

We all need to help our bodies heal and recover as quickly as possible to stay healthy and to keep training. Our formula replenishes nutrients used during training more efficiently than anything else we have ever used. It’s as simple as that. But there are a few more reasons why Recover is the most effective recovery formula out there: First, the nutrients in Recover fill our muscle cells and stop those fibers from the inevitable break down caused by training, known as catabolism. Then, the same nutrients kick-start the proper hormone signals to begin the process of rebuilding lean muscle tissues, known as anabolism.  

When do I use Revive-Rx Recover?

After you’ve done a proper cool-down like an easy walk, light foam-rolling or low-intensity movement, you’re ready to drink your tasty shake. Within 20-30 minutes of finishing your cool-down, mix up your shake with water to jumpstart the recovery process.  For a scrumptious taste sensation and to get really wild, we like to mix chocolate and strawberry together with crushed ice.  

But, wait! I’m trying to get leaner! Are you sure Recover is a good idea?

Yep. We get it. All of us on the Revive-Rx team have gone through periods of time when our body composition was far from ideal. In fact, some of us are there right now. We know that people who want to decrease body fat have grown more and more reluctant to consume carbohydrates. One question we get a LOT is: “I want to lose body fat. I don’t want to get bigger. Should I still be using Recover or should I stick with Rebuild?” Great question. The answer: if the goal is to get leaner, every one of us needs a comprehensive nutrition program and fitness plan. Both Rebuild and Recover have a place in a program that can get you lean. Because we are taking Recover after intense exercise when your muscle tissue is thirsty for carbs and protein, all of those sugars will be used for recovery and for boosting lean tissues. Recover has an essential place as a post-workout supplement even for people eating lower carbohydrate diets. While Recover will not lead directly to fat loss, neither will any supplement. There is no replacement for a solid nutritional plan and fitness program.

Remember: Revive-Rx Recover, timed correctly, increases metabolic efficiency which leads to ideal body composition.

Now, go out there and do something fun to get fitter. And tell us about it! We love to hear your stories and updates on your favorite flavor combinations. And will it make you sexier? Well, if you think smart, informed people are sexy like we do, then yep, it sure will. :)  

Hey nerds-like-us: Wanna know more about the sciencey stuff? Here’s what we put into Recover and the deets on why:

Whey protein isolate:

During training, the cells in our muscle tissues break down as we adapt to the challenges we ask our bodies to endure (Remember? Catabolism.) Whey protein delivers necessary amino acids that aid in repairing these cell fibers to maximize adaptation and reduce recovery time by building lean muscle (Yep, you got it: anabolism.)

Carbohydrate blend:

Training and exercise lead to depletion of the carbohydrates that our bodies store within our muscle tissue. This type of carbohydrate is also known as glycogen. The carbohydrate blend in our Recover formula replenishes these glycogen stores by absorbing into the bloodstream and then traveling directly into the muscle tissue.


Not only do our muscle fibers need help to repair after training, our gastrointestinal tract does too. L-glutamine is an essential amino acid that aids in healing the gastrointestinal walls which leads to improved digestion and immune function.      

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